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Gnocchi; Italy’s famed alternative to pasta

A classic dish of pillowy potato with a touch of flour, gnocchi make for a fantastically light yet delicious and hearty lunch or dinner.
Here at Nyokee we have been working on modernising the traditional recipe, finally finding what we think is the perfect combination of healthy steamed potatoes with a touch of flour. The result is a light, delicate dish packed full of flavour. Our sauces are made daily in our shop using the best hand selected ingredients to keep the authenticity of the original recipe. Go to our menu page to see our current menu options.

What you didn’t know?

Gnocchi are actually much lower in calorie yet just as filling over a longer period of time than regular pasta.

Don’t believe that Gnocchi are a healthy alternative to pasta?

Facts are facts:
After comparing the energy value of these two food products, the advantage is given to gnocchi. 100 g of raw regular pasta, namely, ensure around 288 calories while 100 g of raw gnocchi (a product containing 85% of potatoes) contain a significantly less amount of calories, i.e. 150 kcal. Gnocchi are an excellent source of carbohydrates and of the complex ones in particular. 100 g of raw gnocchi provide 34.2 g of carbohydrates. The dominating type of carbohydrate in gnocchi is starch which, due to its complex molecular structure, disintegrates for a longer period of time and turns into more simple sugar. It slowly enters the blood system and gradually increases the insulin extraction what, therefore, results in providing energy over a longer period of time and a long-lasting feeling of having a full stomach. Gnocchi are, therefore, an ideal food product for athletes, employed persons, pupils and students, people on reduction diets as well as all those trying to avoid the constant variations of glucose level in the blood which are caused by simple sugar.

Here at Nyokee we are going one step further.

Need even healthier alternatives?
We have perfected the spinach gnocchi, full of flavor but half the carbs!
We are still working on our Gluten free and a vegan gnocchi range so the tradition can be enjoyed by all... Stay tuned!